Dented Painted:
A workshop by Shri. Alex Davis
'Dented Painted' is a range of sculptural construct extracted from the popular truck graphics across the highways of India.these words like ok ,blow horn etc are the icons of the Indian roads and they have long surpassed all its meanings into grafical decorations.the works are constructed in sheat metal true to the techniques to automotive bodybuilding but in a scale of a Denter painter.there is a layering of colors to suggest the worn out and repainted old vehicles.

The essential spirt of the workshop is to look at typography and the construction as a medium of art beyond its meanings.this includes some explorations of it in the pop culture as well as the art world.expolration in various scale,constructions,contexts are important.

The medium of construction would be bamboo in its various forms, with the help of some experts, this medium will be explored for skilful constructions as well as colouring etc.

  Shri. Alex Davis:
Bullied and pushed to size due to urbanization Shahpurjat village in south Delhi has just a few telltale leftover signs of a village that was. It forms an integral part of the urban landscape. Indi world – a remarkable lifestyle stores is located here. Its founder Alex Davis is a product designer and founder of this unique 'product boutique' which has carved a niche for its distinctive style.
Alex Davis's Indi store has a complete different feel and ambience. It houses a 'Made in India' range of high class products that match international quality and draws an international clientele. Davis forays into the field of designing with stainless steel, ceramics, and wood to come up with a thematic range of products including furniture, lighting, kitchen ware that transcend function into the realm of art. The studio with its sheer mixture of art and form gives the feel of a languorous walk under the sparkling twilight sky.

With a master in Product Design from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad as well as the Domus Academy, Milan, Davis creates designs which are completely out of the box and finds sufficient takers from within the country and abroad. Most of the products made of stainless steel have a story to tell and are reflective of the designer's temperament, his deep love for nature as well as his fascination and challenge to search for the poetry in a 'cold industrial' material like steel. The designer's work is purely reflective of his.

His collections
- The collection 'A moonlit safari' bears traces of the two week    long safari
- Davis had undertaken in the interiors of Kenya which left a    lasting impression in his artistic mind.
- The sparkling steel heads of the rhinos, stag or the zebra    cushions bears testimonials of adventurous safari night in    the wilds of Kenya.

His assortment in 'My lazy garden' has the quite fragrance of the designer's stint with nature and his meandering ideas. With his collection 'HyperBlooms' the designers adds myriad shades to his sparkling steel creation and gives a larger than life feel to the blossoms that add a surprising new dimensions to the landscape of contemporary architecture.

Choosing to cut himself away from the conventional options of 'industrial design' for industry, Davis take the path of the artist by opting to put up exhibitions of his 'new thematic collections' of range of lifestyle products that he calls 'functional art'.

His interests are many. Travel brings out the adventure in him. Reflective in nature results in a collection called the Moonlit safari.
Love and appetite for nature, plants, food... translates into meandering reflections in chrome through organic forms of ferns and cacti in his 'Lazy Garden'

Mild in his manners and soft in his tone can be a misleading a reflection the steel within.