Guruji Maga Nayak:
Pothichitra is a traditional art-form found prevalent in most parts of India and Odisha is no exception. These are icon paintings that include the wall paintings, manuscript painting, palm-leaf etching, and painting on cloth, both cotton and silk. The ethnic art form of palm leaf etching involves inscribing letters and designing artistically on palm-leaves. Mythological figures apart from manuscripts dominate the themes of these palm leaf etchings. Apart from the Gods and Goddesses, the paintings and drawings also present excellent scenes of nature. The credit for keeping alive this long traditional and ancient art form goes to Mastercraftsperson Guruji Maha Nayak who has been championing this primitive art form from his village Nayakpatna. near Puri in Odisha. He along with his sons run a school where the students are taught to master the skills of this art form. Presented herein are some of his works. There will be a Live Demonstration and Display of Pothichitra by Guruji Maha Nayak during the three days of the Typography Workshop/Conference