Melody of Persian letters:
A workshop by Mehdi Saeedi
Farsi script consists of single alphabet letters that are clinging together. But in Latin script, the single letters are settled beside together, and the difference between these two scripts arises from this specialty. In fact, we will work with these single letters in workshop . The Iranian script and calligraphy have harmony with Iranian melodies and we know that every letter, based on its form, have a special melody. With broadcasting of Iranian traditional music in workshop space, there will be a special space in the time of work and this space will be different for each people. Each one of students will chose his single letter that he likes from the single letters that are provided before that, on the basis of the sense that he has received from the music. Then at start of work, and the time student be familiar with Farsi script, they will reach a new composition of typography. The aim will be creating a new work with specialties of graphic art

  Mehdi Saeedi

Mehdi Saeedi is an internationally renowned artist and designer. His aesthetics have become a mainstay of design in many regions, especially in those using the Persian and Arabic script as their alphabet.
Born in, Tehran, Saeedi's works have been exhibited at numerous major museums worldwide and are part of several prominent museum, public and private collections. He has attended numerous local and international Competitions and exhibitions as jury member and also as speaker. He is also a member of the Iranian Graphic Design society (IGDS) and has taught in the universities in Iran since 2005.
Mehdi Saeedi is emblematic of Iran's prominence and regional dominance in graphic design, poster art, typography and calligraphy.
He has won dozens of important prizes both locally and internationally among which are: Grand prize, Exhibition of Visual Arts, Iran, 1998 & 99 | Honorable Mentions, the 7th International Biennial of Poster, Mexico, 2002 | Diploma of Honor, the 1st Book Cover Design Exhibition in the 16th Tehran International Book Fair, Iran, 2003 | First Prize, the 1st International Biennial of the Islamic World Poster, Iran, 2004 |Third Prize, the 6th International Triennial of Eco Posters and Graphics Art, "4th Block", Kharkov, Ukraine, 2006 | Award of the President of the Self-Governing Region in 6th Trnava International Poster Triennial, Slovakia, 2006 | Top Award, 15th International invitational Poster, Colorado, USA, 2007 | Grand Prize, Taiwan International Poster Design Award, Taiwan, 2007 | Honorable Mentions, the 2nd International Socio-Political Poster Biennial, Poland, 2008 | First Prize, the 1st Competition Best of Designing Self Logo, Tehran, Iran, 2008 | Grand prize, "Five stars Designers bant" International Invitational Poster Triennial Osaka, Japan, 2009 | Third Prize, International Biennial of the Islamic World Graphic, Tehran, Iran 2010 | Honorable Mentions, 17th International invitational Poster, Colorado, USA, 2011 | Bronz Medal, Taiwan International Poster Design Award, Taiwan, 2011 | First Prize, 12th international posters triennial, Ekoplagat┬┤11, Slovakia, 2011 | Honorable Mentions, the 4nd International Socio-Political Poster Biennial, Poland, 2012 |