'Intro to (Western) Type Design'
A workshop by Thomas Phinney
Fontlab, USA

Abstract:  This is an introductory workshop covering the basic principles of type design, including terminology, proper construction of glyph outlines, spacing, and more. Although the focus will be on western fonts (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic), most of the principles will apply to Indic fonts as well. No experience is expected, although typography background is helpful. All attendees will be provided with a free, permanent license to TypeTool 3 for Windows or Mac.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
Restricted to students who have laptops and can install software on them.

About Instructor:
Thomas Phinney

Thomas Phinney is VP of FontLab, the font tools company, and consults for global clients on fonts and typography. He has been doing type design for 20 years. During his stint at Adobe (1997–2008) lastly as product manager for global fonts and typography, he helped define the company approach to the OpenType standard and evangelized OpenType production practices to other foundries. His typeface Hypatia Sans is an Adobe Original with over 3000 glyphs in each of 12 fonts.