Typography Day was held for the fifth time in 2012 (1st-3rd March) at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) with support from India Design Association (InDeAs) and Aksharaya.
The event included an international conference devoted to addressing issues faced by type designers, type users and type educators.
The theme of the event being ‘Typography in Publication Design’.
The conference featured presentations on the last two days preceded by a day of workshops dedicated to Typography and Calligraphy. Exhibitions on Typography Posters and Newspaper Publications were also hosted at the venue.

The event was planned over three days:
Day 1: Workshops on Typography (1st March 2012)
Day 2-3 : Conference focusing on ‘Typography in Publication Design’ ( 2nd & 3rd March 2012)


The Conference focused on the following issues:

  1. Experiments and Explorations in Publication Design.
  2. Publication Design with multilingual scripts.
  3. Typography and Publication Design in native (indigenous) Scripts.
  4. Typography and Publication Design within local contexts.
  5. Research activities in Typography and Publication Design.

Thank you

For the great support, energy and enthusiasm

1 Medal of Honour for Life-time Achievement
2 Keynote Addresses
3  Publications
5  Installations
8  Design School Exhibition on Typography Projects
11 Workshops on Typography
28 Paper Presentations
33  Selected Competition Posters from around the World
45  Research Scholars Meet
75 Faculty Members
300 Students
430  Newspapers
500 Conference Participants
4500 Cups of Tea