Speakers - Typographyday 2014

The speakers for Typography Day 2014 conference are given below:

Keynote Speaker

  Prof. James Craig

Prof. James Craig, a well-known author of books on graphic design, was born in Montreal, Canada. He studied fine arts in Montreal and Paris before immigrating to the United States. He received his BFA from The Cooper Union and his MFA from Yale University. Now semi-retired, Mr. Craig was the Design Director for Watson-Guptill Publications and is a member of the New York Art Directors Club, Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), Type Directors Club (TDC), Typophiles, and a past member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). After thirty years he recently retired from teaching typography at The Cooper Union, but continues to lecture widely.


  Padmashree Dr. Ganesh N. Devy

Prof G. N. Devy, was educated at Shivaji University, Kolhapur and the University of Leeds, UK. He has been professor of English at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, a renowned literary critic, and a cultural activist, as well as founder of the Bhasha Research and Publication Centre at Baroda and the Adivasi Academy at Tejgadh.

Among his many academic assignments, he has held the Commonwealth academic Exchange Fellowship, the Fulbright Fellowship, the T H B Symons Fellowship and the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship.

He was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for After Amnesia, and the SAARC Writers' Foundation Award for his work with denotified tribals. His Marathi book Vanaprasth has received six awards including the Durga Bhagwat memorial Award and the Maharashtra Foundation Award. Similarly, his Gujarati book Aadivaasi Jaane Chhe was given the Bhasha Sanman Award. He won the reputed Prince Claus Award (2003) awarded by the Prince Claus Fund for his work for the conservation of craft and the Linguapax Award of UNESCO (2011) for his work on the conservation of threatened languages.

He has worked as an advisor to UNESCO on Intangible Heritage and the Government of India on Denotified and Nomadic Communities as well as non-scheduled languages. He has been an executive member of the Indian Council for Social science Research (ICSSR), and Board Member of Lalit Kala Akademi and Sahitya Akademi. He is also advisor to several non- governmental organizations in France and India. Recently, he carried out the first comprehensive linguistic survey since Independence, the People's Linguistic Survey of India, with a team of 3000 volunteers and covering 780 living languages, which is to be published in 50 volumes containing 35000 pages. Prof. Devy has authored 15 books in English published by Oxford University Press, Orient Blackswan, Penguin, Routledge, Sage and such other renowned publishers. His works are translated in French, Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu and Bangla. He lives in Baroda.

Vision Speakers

  Prof. Vinay Saynekar

Prof. Vinay Saynekar is a type designer, calligrapher and a design educator. He completed his graduation from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai University and joined a paper company, Chimanlal's Pvt Ltd, as Chief Design Consultant in 1981. He worked for some time and then returned to his college to teach and has been an inspiring teacher of Typography and Calligraphy in JJ since 1984. He has taken several lectures in various Art and Design Colleges, on typefaces and their design. He also visited West Germany, Netherlands and Great Britain for the same purpose in 1988.
He has been honoured as the Communication Arts Guild "Guru of the Year" for 3 consecutive years in 2007-08, 2008-09 & 2009-10. He participated in a group show called '3 Calligraphers'. He is a member of Aksharaya - an organisation for the 'Letter Conscious' People. He wrote a book for calligraphy enthusiasts – Aksharsaundarya: Nirmiti ani Itihas (Beautifying Letters: Creation and History). He has organized workshops for children to introduce them to the world of calligraphy.

In his association with the typographer Prof R K Joshi, he designed fonts for Microsoft Corporation including Tunga for Kannada script and Vrinda for Bengali script.

  Mr. Aurobind Patel

Aurobind Patel was a latecomer to typography having strayed into its captivating web during a publishing project while a student at Harvard Business School. This led him to the rather foolhardy move to quit business school to study design. In hindsight he concedes this would have not have been possible without the sense of untested confidence that plagued many a business school student.
An early revelation in his design education was understanding that the roots of typography lay buried in handwriting and well formed shapes. Little did he realise that all the mindless copybook writing that formed part of his early schooling—half an hour each morning before assembly—would actually form the basis to appreciate the finer points of typography, later in life.
In 1982 he joined India Today in Delhi and led the gradual process of revising its design while helping a technical team to implement Atex, the first magazine pagination system in the country. The visual appeal that made India Today stand apart from its competitions was largely enabled by the technology supporting its production.
India Today's success earned him an offer from The Economist in London. He served as the paper's Design Director from 1987 to 1999 straddling his passion for both design and technology. In 1990, jointly with Gunnlaugur Briem, an outstanding type designer, he designed Ecotype, a family of text faces now used by the paper. The two also went on to design Times Millennium—a digital avatar of the eponymous Times Roman—for the Times newspaper in London. Back in India since 2000, Aurobind divides his time between design assignments and gazing at forms and counter forms.

Guest Speaker

  Birk Marcus Hansen

Birk Marcus Hansen works hard at challenging the established paradigms within visual communication. With passion for graphic design and video art he works in a wide range of cross-disciplinary settings.
Birk has been working in New York at MTWTF, collaborated with LEGO on an exhibition of his project The Betabet at I Saloni design fair in Milan 2012, created visual arts for the Danish pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai and created video art at the opera 'Tomorrow in a Year' by Hotel Pro Forma in 2009.
In his latest work he investigated and challenged the similarities and differences in Chinese and Latin written languages. This was a part of his master thesis for which he achieved the highest grade. He completed his MA in Communication Design from the highly recognised Kolding School of Design, Summer of 2013. He presented this work at TEDx and Danish Faces.