Poster Competition Results:

The following are the winning entries from the Typographyday 2016 Poster Competition for the title 'Experimental Typography'.
The winning entries will be published and displayed in an exhibition during the event.
The winners are entitled to free participation (workshop expenses and food) during the ‘Typography Seminar and Workshop’ from 25-27th February 2016 at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, India.


by Gonzalo Holtheuer, Chile

by Roghayeh Bavafa, Iran

by Ava Chiniwala and Diara Misquitta, India

by Yung Yung, Hong Kong

by Pranav Parab, India

by Fahime, Iran

by Mark Demuth, UK

by Hossein Bakhshi, Iran

by Sha Feng, Italy

by Jelena Stankovic, Serbia

by Roghayeh bavafa, Iran

by John Hemminger, USA

by Dominika Pulkowska, Poland

by Carlo Cadenas, Venezuela

by Sofiya Levina, USA

by Kim Sung Jae, South Korea

by Tore Terrasi, USA

by Mahdi Ashkani, Iran

by University of Petra - Teamwork, Jordan

by Leo Zelino, USA

by Jillian Coorey, USA

by Jillian Coorey, USA

by Koorosh Karimi, Iran

by Alibateni, Iran

by Xiao, Taiwan

by Ivan Kashlakov, Bulgaria

by Amir (babak) Bayrami, Iran

by Jay Youngjun Kim, UK

by Aakash Suri, India

by Neda, Iran

by Karolina Palińska, Poland

by Lucy Stanbridge, UK

by Blaise McQuade, USA

by Paloma Kałuzińska, Poland

by Zoriana Tuszakowska, Poland

by Amanda Jones, USA

by Nasrin Bavafa, Iran

by Domin Bae, South Korea

by Alireza Nosrati, Iran

by Shuyao Bian, USA

by Simón Londoño Sierra, Colombia

by Fatemah, Kuwait

by Lee San-ha, South Korea

by Katarina Fabijanic, Croatia