Poster Design Competition Results:

The following are the winning entries from the Typographyday 2017 Poster Competition for the title 'Typography and Diversity'.
The winning entries will be published and displayed in an exhibition during the event.
The winners are entitled to free participation (workshop expenses and food) during the ‘Typography Seminar and Workshop’ from 23-25th February 2017 at Colombo conducted By Department of Integrated Design, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.


'The Battle of Light and Darkness' by Abdolreza, Iran

'Contemplate-I' by Hamidreza Sohrabi, USA

'Font Artistic Conception' by Zhang Na, China

'Evolution' by Dev Ethan Valladares, India

'Life' by Hajime Tsushima, Japan

'Diversity' by Lindsey Ahmet, UK

'Heart' by Jen-Wei Huang, Taiwan

'Black or White' by Zhang Yulian, Macau

'Nothing is Everything' by Zhang Yulian, Macau

'A Choir in Vienna' by Reza, Austria

'Colour, Diversity, Unity, Creativity' by Anna Kyriacou, South Africa

'Bird of Bismillah-I' by Kaveh Afraie Arbani, Iran

'Bird of Bismillah-II' by Kaveh Afraie Arbani, Iran

'Prison' by Hamid Nasr, Iran

'Everybody is Different' by Maryam Abu Talaf, Kuwait

'Wearing the Loneliness-I' by Mahnaz Abedini, Iran

'Hangeul'(scientific writing system) by Kim Sung Jae, South Korea

'Besmelah'(Writing Arabic Alphabet) by Reza Asaadi Mehrabani, United Arab Emirates

'Asmoalh'(Writing Arabic Alphabet) by Reza Asaadi Mehrabany, United Arab Emirates

'Contemplate-II' by Hamidreza Sohrabi, USA

'The Lack of Human Understanding' by Reza, Austria

'Bollywood, Film Titles, Lettering' by Mohammad Shahid, India

'Nastaaligh,Tazhib,Hafiz' by Shirin Mohammadshahi, Iran

'Hunshao' by Timofei Dekalo, Russia

'Male' by Rahul Radhakrishnan, India

'Seed' by Mario Fuentes, Ecuador

'The Text of Artistic Conception' by Song Peipei, China

'Die Kunst ein anderer zu werden, The Art to Other' by Mark Julien Hahn and Sven Tillack, Germany

'Farsitype' by Ghazal, Iran

'Logical Thoughts, Coconut Tree' by Rajkumar H. Mahajan, India

'Trkyb Line and Iranian Paisley' by Vahid, Iran

'Variety of Shapes in Typography' by Gomes Florian, France

'Animal Diversity' by Jakub KrasoÅ, Poland

'Typography Modernism Black White' by Bajolle Valentin, France

'Wearing the Loneliness-II' by Mahnaz Abedini, Iran

'Recycling' by Meysam Hame_ei, Iran