Poster Design Competition Results:

The following are the winning entries from the Typographyday 2017 Poster Competition for the title 'Typography and Diversity'.
The winning entries will be published and displayed in an exhibition during the event.
The winners are entitled to free participation (workshop expenses and food) during the ‘Typography Seminar and Workshop’ from 23-25th February 2017 at Colombo conducted By Department of Integrated Design, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.


'Bird of Freedom' by Kaveh, Iran

'Masked' by Ali, Iran

'Ashoura' by Ali Abdollahzadeh, Iran

'अमूर्त ( Abstract)' by Saurabh, India

'Marigold Garland' by Sharvari Marathe, India

'Oooooooo' by Irina Koryagina, USA

'Hangeul, Typograph' by Kim Sung Jae, South Korea

'Travel Safely!' by Reza Raei Omran, Iran

'Mehndi' by Leena Elhawary, Kuwait

'Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch, Korea, Hangul, Typeface' by Kunha Lee, South Korea

'Black Swan' by Sahar Jafaritadi, Iran

'Dance' by Leena Elhawary, Kuwait

'Tamil typography, modern, illusion, love, connection' by Tharique Azeez, Sri Lanka

'Strength' by Dima F Jadayel, Kuwait

'Beauty' by Jouri Toreev, Belarus

'Ingenuity Follows Nature' by Sha Feng, Italy

'Type' by Estera Welchar, Poland

'When you see it' by Mia Cinelli, USA

'Wind Dance' by Hongxia Hou, USA

'Divide the Space Equally' by Chen Xiaoxiao, China

'Just Like Living Beings Need - Typography letters graphic design' by Nadja Olic, Serbia

'Moscow' by Timofey Dekalo, Russia

'Beauty (in Sinhala Fm fonts)' by Chameera Wickrama, Sri Lanka

'Beauty Comes in All Forms' by Gayatri Shah, India

'Life,calligraphy,typography,shining,typodesign' by Ali Delzendehrooy, Iran

'Typeography' by Mahsa Ghelich, Iran

'Line Art' by Hossein Boroji Nejad, Kuwait

'Subcultures-Social harm , Hippie' by Sahar Jafaritadi, Iran

'Beauty, Braille, Perception, Inner Beauty, Acceptancy' by Siddhesh Sushil Shirsekar and Anoushka Khokher, India

'Poetry Design - Heart Design - Romantic' by Hassan Awwad, Kuwait

'Truth' by Mark Fetkewicz, USA

'प्रवाह - PRAVAH' by Hemant Bharat Ravandale, India

'Sound, Vibration, Link' by Suyeon Youn, South Korea

'Deep Roots' by Rahul Radhakrishnan, India

'Free Calligraphy' by Dr.Nesrin Ezzat Gamal El Din, Egypt

'Calligraphy of the Fatimid Kufi-Free Calligraphy' by Dr.Nesrin Ezzat Gamal El Din, Egypt

'Typography-Nima Youshij-نیما یوشیج' by Samira Rezaei, Iran

'Type Expression' by Dhanashree Suchit Pimputkar, India

'Essence of Typography In Texture With Relation To Form, Beauty And Function' by Hasty Dedhia, India

'Gadbad' by Abhishek Bandu Parulekar, India