Speakers - presentations

The following are the accepted papers for presentation during the conference:
Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd of March 2012
at IDC, IIT Bombay


Vision & the Visual
Ken Botnick, Professor of Art, Washington University........ (72 kb)

The Weekly News Magazine; Dressing up a Dog’s Dinner
Bishwadeep Moitra, Executive Editor, Outlook, New Delhi........ (59.6 kb)

Challenges faced in designing low-cost publications for the bottom of the pyramid, mostly in the local scripts
Tarun Deep Girdher, Associate Senior Faculty, Graphic Design, NID, India


Challenges in multilingual type design
David Brezina, Rosetta Type Foundry, Czech Republic + Argentina ........ (812 kb)

Teaching Maya to the Next Generation: children’s publication design in a multilingual context
Denielle Emans, Zayed university, Dubai, United Arab Emirates........ (101 kb)

Two (Dva) Magazine
Eduard Čehovin,Design Center, Ljubljana, Slovenia........ (574 kb)

The use of eye-tracker technology to evaluate typefaces, greek fonts and publication design for screen
Evripides Zantides, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus........ (232 kb)

Creative Applications of Typography in My Design
Fang Chen, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

My Umbilical Attachment Indian visual culture in an age of commercial transformation
Geetika Alok, London, UK........ (1.48 mb)

Typographic training as a tool for nurturing Cultural awareness and sustainability
Jackson Choi, Monica Chiu, Sylvia To, Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), Hong Kong........ (1.37 mb)

Abilities Of Persian Typefaces & Persian Calligraphy In Stencil Type Design
Mahmood MazaheriTari, Tehran, Iran........ (606 kb)

Typographic Culture of Hong Kong
Mariko Takagi, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon, Hong Kong........ (662 kb)

Developing fonts for Indian scripts
Paul D. Hunt, Adobe, USA........ (31 kb)

Picturing words: expressive typography &story-telling in picture books
Rathna Ramanathan,
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK........ (62 kb)

Innovative applications of Typography - Ancient African Typographic Symbols in Contemporary Publication Design
Sophia Oduol, University of Creative Technology, Lesotho........ (294 kb)

Book Design – the showcase field in the visual communication. An international review
Uta Schneider, Stiftung Buchkunst, Frankfurt, Germany........ (95 kb)

Typography as a Graphic Design within Official (Governmental) Valuables – Case Study of the Botswana’s new set of Bank-notes
Zoran Markovic, University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana........ (1.03 mb)


Typocraft: Creating an Indian Typographic Identity
Ishan Khosla, Ishan Khosla Design, New Delhi........ (603 kb)

Devnagari-Latin ambigrams
Pallavi Sudhanshu Apte, India........ (384 kb)

Tending to the Inheritance of Tulu Script
Vaishnavi Murthy, Bangalore........ (844 kb)

Designing a Devanagari text font for newspaper use
Yashodeep Gholap, Mumbai........ (2.31 mb)

Doctoral Researchers

Ariyaka, the early typeface leads modern industrialization of letterpress printing in Thailand
Chitchai Kuandachakupt, Ph D Researcher, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan........ (182 kb)

Usage of Nasta’liq in the Modern Publications
Farzan Kermaninejad, Ph D Researcher, Industrail Design Centre, IIT Bombay........ (1.32 mb)

The experience expansion of typography utilizing the five senses
Hoonsik Yoo, Ph D Researcher, Interaction Design Lab., Graduate School of Techno Design, Seoul, Korea........ (332 kb)

Making publication grids flexible
Prasad Bokil, Ph D Researcher, Industrail Design Centre, IIT Bombay........ (822 kb)


ONOMATOPOIEA With the comics
Khushbu Shashikant Sangoi, Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai........ (1.44 mb)

Notes for studies on typography and publication design in indigenous (native) languages of Brazil
Kollontai Cossich Diniz,University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil........ (24.3 kb)

All That I Have Learned About ‘Devangārī’- Evolution of the Devanagārī script and development of letter-form design based on Vox-ATypI classification of type
Samradhi Katare, National Institute of Fashion Technology,
New Delhi