'Introduction to Indic Type Design'
A workshop by Prof. Girish Dalvi and Noopur Datye
Faculty Member, IDC IIT Bombay/Ek Type, Mumbai

Abstract:  This workshop will introduce participants to the different approaches
while designing typefaces for Indian scripts. It will acquaint participants with the process of designing a font with a specific focus on overcoming the challenges faced during the design of Indic typefaces.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
Black gel and marker pens, scales, pencils, erasers and sharpeners. Students need to have a laptop with FontLab/FontForge/Adobe Illustrator/Inkscape/Coreldraw

About Instructor:
Prof Girsih Dalvi

Faculty Member, IDC, IIT Bombay

Noopur Datye

Ek Type, Mumbai