'Experiential Typography'
A workshop by Mr. Ishan Khosla
Ishan Khosla Design, New Delhi

Abstract:  Workshop focuses on bringing in spontaneity in typographic compositions. You will get to work with constraints such as creating typographic compositions in a few minutes on the computer or work with available objects to create meaning to a phrase that will be given to you on the spot. This will be a fun and fast-paced, hands on workshop.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
Students need to have laptops with adobe illustrator installed, an open mind and imagination. Materials for cutting (xacto knives), pasting, cutting mats, thread, needles, etc.

About Instructor:

Mr. Ishan Khosla

Ishan Khosla Design has been called the 100 Best Contemporary Graphic Designers in the world by Charlotte and Peter Fiell in their book, New Graphic Design. We have been published in India: Contemporary Design — Graphics, Fashion and Interiors (The Victoria & Albert Museum ), Tokyo Type Director’s Club Annual, Asian Graphics Now! and several other international books and publications.