'Typo-graphy bole to' (Expressive Typography = Expressing meaning and the feeling visually by using type as an element)
A workshop by Prof. Santosh Kshirsagar
Faculty Member, Sir J J School of Applied Arts, Mumbai

Abstract:  Using Type to express our thoughts or feeling is a visual language.
It follows certain system to make it more effective to other. System of this visual expression follows certain steps. But it is generally considered as highly individualistic/personal. Approach of this workshop is task base and step by step realisation. We attempt to understand type and its relation to space for expressing certain thought or feeling. We expect to conclude it with Typographic interpretation of the text.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
Most recommended: Literature in your language of your choice. For example - Poem/s, quotes and thoughts. Design students or professionals are expected.
Sharable: Lap top with available Indian scripts fonts installed (Get as many as you can), Any Image or text editing software that you are habitual with, For example- Adobe Illustrator. Chisel and round tip Marker pen (Black only), Ballpoint or Gel pen (Black ink only), cutters / Blade

About Instructor:

Prof. Santosh Kshirsagar
Faculty at Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India. B.F.A., M.F.A. (by research) from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art. Mumbai, India. Teaching Indian (especially Devanagari) Calligraphy, Typography and visual communication design, from more than two decades at JJIAA, Mumbai. Type Design for Microsoft (OTF for window xp) in Gujrathi & Oriya scripts. He has delivered illustrated talks on Indian Calligraphy in Germany, Belgium, London and Japan. Work exhibited in Australia, USA. Show in Japan with Prof. Mori Kooun. Research presentations: ICTVC Cyprus, ATYPAI Dublin, Ireland, International Graphonomics Society Conference, Japan. He is on expert and advisory board of Typography Day since 2009 till date. He has conducted several workshops, in India and abroad. He is an academic consultant to governmental organizations and many private institutions in India. He is Co-Founder Aksharaya, NGO devoted to letter-form and related issues. http://aksharaya.org/ He is currently pursuing PhD at IDC, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. His area of research is investigating acquisition of handwriting.