Keynote Speaker

  Prof. Mary C Dyson
Mary Dyson is a Senior Lecturer in theDepartment of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, in the UK, whose teaching includes theoretical and empirical approaches to graphic language. She enjoys supervising research students on topics relating to her own research, but also more broadly within the field. Her research approach is influenced by her background in psychology. One of her primary research interests has been empirical investigations of how changes in the design of documents affect performance. In particular, Mary has done experiments with screen-based material and published this work alongside reviews of other research in this area. This work has looked at the layout and navigation of text on screen and contributed to recommendations on the design of electronic texts to support effective reading.
More recently Mary has investigated how we perceive typefaces, as readers where we are concerned with identifying letters, and as designers, where we analyse the stylistic features of different typefaces. This has led to experiments exploring the early stages of reading and experiments aimed at characterising the perceptual abilities of typographers.

Joining the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication with a PhD in perception, Mary has drawn upon examples of research into other areas of perception, both visual and auditory, i.e. the perception of faces, music, and speech. These research studies suggest avenues to explore in relation to how we perceive visual forms, and also stimulate ideas concerning particular methods of investigation. Being a psychologist immersed in a design environment has provided opportunities to adopt imaginative approaches to research into visual material


  Prof. Gerry Leonidas
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Gerry Leonidas is a Senior Lecturer in Typography at the University of Reading. His work is biased towards postgraduate teaching, postgraduate supervision, course development, and enterprise / knowledge transfer projects. Gerry's research interests cover the practice of typeface design and as a response to wider contexts, and a range of issues surrounding Greek typeface design.

Since 2001 he has been the Programme Director for the MA Typeface Design. This course is considered a reference for practice-based teaching in an academic environment, and is serving as a model for similar courses on a worldwide scale. With his colleague on the course Fiona Ross he has developed a research-based model for teaching typeface design that, through the output of students and graduates, is contributing considerably to the transformation of a domain of practice into a field of study. To extend the teaching model to other formats, he developed a successful summer course on typeface design (now in its fifth year) and is currently taking through the final stages of certification a new MA programme on research in typeface design.

Gerry's consultancy focuses on publication and typeface design with particular expertise in Greek typography. The impact of his work is most evident in the design quality and typographic support for Greek typefaces by Adobe, Monotype, Microsoft, and major type foundries. He is frequently invited to advise on typographic matters, and speak on typography, typeface design, and typographic education. He is also a frequent evaluator and reviewer for the work of others.


  Prof. Kok Cheow Yeoh
Prof. Kok Cheow Yeoh is originally from Malaysia, Dr KC Yeoh has been calling Singapore home since 2003. His passion in design which led to teaching has taken him from the foggy city of San Francisco in California to the provincial town of Magnolia in Arkansas, to desolate Lubbock in Texas, and historical Savannah in Georgia, USA before setting in Singapore where
he was being recruited to help set up the Visual Communication department at the new School of Art Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University. In addition to teaching and the continuing practice of design, he has conducted training for design related classes, exhibited internationally, presented at conferences, published in journals and have won awards over the years. Two of his posters were recently selected for the Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design in October of 2012. He loves to travel and will continue to do so as he sees it as a form of necessary education to relate, reflect and reinvigorate.