Workshops :

Typography workshop is designed to offer exposure to design community on various aspects of typography in Multi language scripts with a focus on Display Typography. This will provide a platform for students from varied backgrounds to interact with experts in typography design.

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Workshop to be conducted by the following experts:

1. Prof. Kumkum Nadig
Head, Visual Communication Design, Srishti School of Design, Bangalore

2. Shri. Mehdi Saeedi .......More
Calligrapher, Mehdi Saeedi Studio

3. Prof. Santosh Kshirsagar .......More
Faculty Member, Sir J J School of Applied Arts, Mumbai

4. Prof. G V Sree kumar , Faculty Member,IDC IIT Bombay
     and Dr. Girish Dalvi, Yahoo India .......More

5. Shri. Alex Davis .......More
Industrial Designer

6. Shri. Daniel Rhatigan .......More
UK Type Director at Monotype

7. Fontlab .......More
Shri. Ted Harrison

8. Prof. Mahendra Patel and Prof. Manohar Desai .....More
Faculty Member, Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune

9. Smt. Pooja Saxena and Smt. Kriti Monga .......More
Turmeric Design, New Delhi

Exihibition and Live Demonstration on Palm Leaf Manuscript:

Shri. Maga Nayak .......More
Master Craftsperson Guruji Maga Nayak of Puri, Odisha

Post Conference Workshop : (11–13 March, 2013)
Adobe type design workshop, India 2013 will be conducted by Shri. Paul Hunt, Font lab in collaboration with DOD IIT Guwahati after the Typographyday 2013 Conference from 11–13 March, 2013 at DOD IIT Guwahati.

Final location and accepted applicants will be notified by 15 February 2013. .......More

For more details, please contact Mr. Hunt directly:  To apply for the workshop, please do so online at: